Surviving The Mean Streets 2

Surviving The Mean Streets 2 - Digital Download Only

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Download file size is 0.5 Gigabytes, it takes 3-7 minutes to download depending on your internet connection. This DVD will give you tips on group riding, problems that group riding presents and how to avoid those problems. Tips on riding in traffic, in the rain, dirt or gravel roads and possible hazards to be aware of while approaching intersections. This DVD contains all the information from the first Surviving the Mean Streets, plus more! English only, there are NO subtitles, no other language but English. The Ride Like A Pro video files is licensed for your personal, non-commercial use. While you are allowed to burn files to a DVD, play them on your home computer, or on your personal video player, you are prohibited from making duplicates for others, transferring copies to anyone or use them for any commercial use. You are prohibited from posting the video files on any public or private websites, forums, file-sharing or torrent sites.