Summer Sizzle is Upon Us! 2012

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All of us at Ride Like a Pro want to make sure you have a Summer riding season full of great memories instead of “I wasn’t prepared” memories.  With the heat of Summer upon us, keep those great memories alive by always being prepared for whatever the weather may bring your way.   Here are Motorman’s safety tips to follow for riding in extreme heat.

1.  Take some water with you even if you’re only going on a two or three hour ride.  Throw a bottle in the freezer overnight. When you are ready to head out in the morning, wrap a cold but unfrozen bottle of water in a towel next to the frozen bottle.

2.  A mesh jacket will keep the hot sun off your arms which will keep you cooler than just wearing a t-shirt, and of course, the protection they offer in case of a mishap goes without saying.  If you wet down your t-shirt and put a mesh jacket on, the air passing through at even moderate speeds will keep you cool for a couple of hours.  You can find a great selection and the best prices for mesh riding jackets at  I personally wear jackets I’ve bought from their site, their customer service is great!  The lightest colors are best in hot weather.

3.  If you’ve consumed alcohol the night before a ride, drink plenty of water before you take off for the day and double the amount of water you drink during the ride.  Save the Miller time for when you get back home.

4.  Don’t wear shorts.  (You should never wear shorts) The heat from the motor and the sun will make you hotter than wearing light colored jeans.

A little common sense, sunscreen, water, and proper riding gear goes a long way.


Motorman has over 180 safety tip videos on his YouTube site for you to enjoy, click here to see his tips and video clips of actual riders going through his Ride Like a Pro classes here in Hudson Florida.

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Motorman is offering a “Beat The Heat” Summer Special for our advanced rider classes, $120.00 for three hours, classes run from 9am till noon.  This will give you the perfect opportunity to sharpen your skills and confidence without feeling the pinch in your wallet or the sting of Summer’s heat.  This price will be good for the months of July and August.  You will be amazed at how much you will learn in three hours of training.  You can sign up for a class right here

Till next month, remember that our riding skills are perishable, practice is the key to honing them so you are ready to react to any situation that may arise while you’re out on a ride.  

Ride Safe,

The Ride Like a Pro Team

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