Sizzling Summer Safety Tips From RLAP

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Sizzling Summer Safety Tips

From Ride Like A Pro!



Someone asked me recently, what’s the first accessory I should buy for my bike? I’d have to say it’s a good set of crash bars or highway bars, as some call them. These bars are designed to protect the motorcycle in a low speed (under 15mph) tip over. Since low speeds are where the great majority of tip overs occur, crash bars make a lot of sense.

I’ve also personally witnessed instances where crash bars have limited damage to the bike and rider at speeds up to 30mph where the rider over-braked the rear brake, low sided, and slid along the ground. In that type of incident, crash bars can keep the bike from laying flat on its side on top of the rider’s leg. These bars will also keep the rider from getting trapped under the bike in a parking lot tip-over and make it a lot easier to pick the bike up in that event.

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Go To Motorman’s Safety Tip Videos On YouTube!

Summer Events – Where We’ll Be:

West Virginia State H.O.G. Rally 2010 – September 1st – 4th

Charleston, West Virgina

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