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DOT Crash Studies 

There have been some developments with the Motorcycle Crash Causation study. Basically, DOT announced in October that the study was to be started, and MSF immediately said that they would not support the study as the number of crashes to be studied is too low at 300. All the experts agree that 900 to 1200 crashes need to be sampled to get decent results.

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Road Test: 2010 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Custom 

In spite of the economic times and the downturn in motorcycle sales, Harley- Davidson introduced ten new models this year. Well ok, the motor company didn’t exactly spend a ton of money in retooling new frames and engines but they did come up with some with enough variations on existing bikes to classify ten of them as new models. The subject of this road test the 2010 Road Glide Custom, is set apart from the other touring models by the distinct frame mounted fairing and incorporating duel headlights. “Custom” model designation is derived from not so much what has been added, but rather what has been stripped away to afford the motorcycle a cleaner look. If you know the difference between a Street Glide and an Electra Glide Classic, you get the picture.

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Passing on a Two Lane Road 

Recently, we lost a great visionary in the motorcycling industry, Bruce Rossmeyer. Most of you know by now he was killed in a motorcycle accident. From the reports I’ve read of the incident, Bruce was attempting to pass a vehicle pulling a trailer when the vehicle suddenly decided to turn left. Here in Florida, that would put the fault of the crash on the driver that failed to check his mirrors prior to making his turn. The fact of the matter is, who is at fault is really irreverent–what we should take from this incident is the best way to avoid this type of crash. Hence, I’ve decided to re-run one of my columns from 2006. My condolences go out to the Rossmeyer family and I pray he rests in peace.

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