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Dear{tag:name}It seems that every day there’s another post from a rider on a forum telling the world that they crashed because they went into a curve too hot.  More and more of these stories of failure to negotiate a curve convinced me to repeat once again my article on “failure to negotiate a curve” for ALL riders.  Hopefully, this may help one of you understand the critical importance of training and practice.

I know I’ve discussed this type of incident before, but I feel compelled to go over it once again since it happens so often.  Here are the circumstances of the failure to negotiate a curve I have witnessed.  I was 5th in a staggered group of 8 riders.  We were cruising down the Ozello Trail in Homosassa Florida at a leisurely pace.  If you’re not familiar with the Ozello Trail, it’s a winding two lane road which winds for five or six miles from U.S. 19 to the Gulf of Mexico.  On both sides of the road there’s a grassy, soft shoulder about six feet wide that dips into the narrow Homosassa River.  Continue reading here

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Till next month, ride safe and remember, practice and training is the key to becoming a skilled and confident rider.  Don’t forget to check out all my free YouTube safety clips here

Ride Safe,

The Ride Like a Pro Team

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