Ride Like A Pro - North CarolinaLive in North Carolina? Not a problem. Ride Like a Pro, North Carolina

Instructor, Motor Officer, Capt. J.D. Redmon, (retired), will be teaching the same professional instruction at his location in Winston-Salem area of North Carolina.

You can sign up for JD’s classes at www.ridelikeapronc.com J.D. came to Florida to work with Jerry so he could return to North Carolina with our Ride Like a Pro format that is proven to be the most effective rider skills class available. You can call  336-399-8922 or contact J.D. redmonjd@yahoo.com


We are always looking to expand our Company. Our goal is to establish a Ride Like a Pro Franchise in every state!

If you are a Motor Officer, Retired or Reserves, interested in becoming an Instructor and teaching the average rider techniques to become a better, safer rider, please call our office toll-free 866-868-7433. We are also looking for Civilian riders that have the skills to pass the Motor Officer course to become Instructors/Franchise Owners too.

We are looking to expand our locations in: Florida Panhandle, California, Nevada, New Jersey, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, North and South Dakota, Idaho, Utah, Minnesota, Wisconsin,   Oklahoma, Western Ohio,  Louisiana, Arkansas and Montana.