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Motor Officer Instructors, Ernie Menendez and Michael Dobbs will be teaching the same professional instruction at their locations.

www.ridelikeaprofc.com – Contact info: training@ridelikeaprofc.com 

We are always looking to expand our Company. Our goal is to establish a Ride Like a Pro Franchise in every state!

If you are a Motor Officer, Retired or Reserves, interested in becoming an Instructor and teaching the average rider techniques to become a better, safer rider, please call our office toll-free 866-868-7433. We are also looking for Civilian riders that have the skills to pass the Motor Officer course to become Instructors/Franchise Owners too.

We are looking to expand our locations in: Florida Panhandle, California, Nevada, New Jersey, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, North and South Dakota, Idaho, Utah, Minnesota, Wisconsin,  Oklahoma,  Western Ohio, Louisiana, Arkansas and Montana.