The Slow Cone Weave

Slow Cone Weave Action PhotoYou will need 6 small traffic cones. Set them up in a straight line about 12 feet apart. The idea is to weave through the cones while in the friction zone. Do not attempt to coast through the cones.

The trick to this exercise is to focus at least 2 cones ahead of the motorcycle. If you can, focus only on the very last cone. You’ll be able to see the cones you are weaving around with your peripheral vision. If you look down at the cones, you will hit them or you’ll have to put a foot down. Remember, if the bike is in motion, your feet belong on the floor boards or pegs.

Now, simply weave through the cones by pushing your handlebars back and forth. Allow the motorcycle to lean from side to side as you weave through the cones. If you find that having the cones set at 12′ apart is too difficult, start with the cones at 14 or 15 feet apart and work down to 12′. Remember, you must stay in the friction zone, if you let the clutch out all the way, you’ll be going too fast to maneuver around the cones.

Slow cone Weave

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