The Off-Set Cone Weave

Refer to your diagram you received with your video for the correct measurements. Basically, what you have is 2 sets of cones. The first set will be set at 30′ apart and there will be 5 of them. The second set will also be 30′ apart, but will be offset 12′ from the first set of cones. Between the two sets of cones, start with 24′.

As you start to maneuver around the cones, make your first turn to the left around the first cone, as soon as your tire gets to that 1st cone, turn your head and eyes to the left and focus on the 1st off-set cone. As your tire reaches that cone, snap your head and eyes to the right and focus on the next cone. In essence, you will be turning your head and eyes and the motorcycle from side to side. As you approach each cone, do not look down at it. Keep your focus at least 4 to 5 feet above the cone. Head and eyes is extremely important in this exercise.

Make sure to stay in the friction zone keep your head and eyes up and avoid looking down. Make sure to keep power to the rear wheel and keep feathering the brake. The further you lean the motorcycle, the easier this exercise becomes.  



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