The Circle

Remember, the further you lean the motorcycle, the sharper the turn you can make. Start by making circles in a parking lot, try to find a lot with lined spaces. At first try making a 30′ circle to the left. Remember, stay in the friction zone, feather the rear brake and keep your head and eyes up. Do not look down. NEVER touch the front brake while making these circles. If you do, it will pull you to the ground like a magnet. Make sure to keep power to the rear wheel. If you pull the clutch in all the way, or release the throttle when the bike is leaned over, the motorcycle will tip.

Practice these circles in both directions, left and right. You might find it easier if you have someone standing in the center of your circle. Focus on their eyes or the top of their head. Try and work the circle down to at least 20′. The idea is to lean the motorcycle over as far as you can, if you pegs or boards start to scrape, don’t panic, this is just a warning that you’re approaching the limit of your lean angle. Your speed in the circle should be between 5-15 mph, depending on the size of the circle.  A 24′ circle should be about 6-10 mph depending on your motorcycle.

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